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Mental health issues are much more prominent than you may expect. In fact, 45% of Australian adults will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. Despite this, there are still societal stigmas about getting help.

If you feel sad for extended periods, or that life is getting too tough, you should seek help. Mental illness is in most cases progressive. It starts with feelings of stress, sadness or anxiety, and escalates into more serious problems.

Counsellors are trained mental health professionals. Talking to a counsellor early can stem the onset of more serious mental illness and return you back to health.

A Counselling session is a discussion. A Counsellor will listen to your concerns, without judgement, and discuss with you various options to address your concerns and help you feel better.

Talking to someone who’s trained to help you express your concerns, cope with any issues, and get your life back on track is to most clients an extremely liberating and enjoyable experience.

To find a Counsellor that can help you, simply use the Advance Search facility below.


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If you believe that you or someone you know may be suffering from depression or have suicidal thoughts, you can learn more by clicking on the links below.

Getting Help

Mind Your Head is your link to help and a happier life. A qualified counsellor can talk to you about issues you may be experiencing and help you implement strategies to be happy and healthy again.

You can find a qualified Counsellor in your vicinity here: Counsellor Search

If you are experiencing overwhelming feelings of grief, pain, loss, anxiety or having thoughts of ending your life, please call the Lifeline Crisis Line immediately.

Lifeline Crisis Support

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Mind Your Head is an initiative of the Australian Counselling Association, a national professional association for qualified Counsellors.