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On the right there are a series of statements relating to how you may feel. These statements are categorised by your Mood, Relationships, Behaviour and Coping.

We have categorised the feeling statements in this manner to make it easier for you to relate to. People don’t usually think in terms of a diagnosis, but rather how they feel and what that feeling relates to.

For example, we don’t usually think “I am depressed.” But rather “My relationship problems are making me feel sad and sick.”

To the right of each feeling statement is a question mark “?” If you hover your cursor over the question mark, more specific statements that relate to that feeling will pop up. If these statements relate to how you are feeling, click on the feeling statement to learn more about what you may be experiencing.

If you feel as though you’re not happy, or that life is getting you down, we urge you to find and contact a qualified Counsellor immediately. Mental illness is progressive. If you leave it, it can get much more serious. If you deal with it sooner, it can often be improved with lessor impact on your life.

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I'm concerned about my... mood

  • I'm anxious - learn more Question Mark
  • I frequently feel anxious - learn more Question Mark
  • Something traumatic happened and I feel stressed - learn more Question Mark
  • I feel panicky / I get panic attacks - learn more Question Mark
  • I'm fearful of social or other situations or particular objects - learn more Question Mark
  • I feel compelled to do things to relieve my anxiety - learn more Question Mark


I'm concerned about my... relationships

  • My caregiving: Am I getting caregiver burnout? - learn more Question Mark
  • Domestic violence: Am I in an abusive relationship? - learn more Question Mark
  • Family relationships: Do I come from a dysfunctional family? - learn more Question Mark


I'm concerned about my... behaviour

  • Drinking: Do I have a problem with alcohol? - learn more Question Mark
  • Use of drugs: Am I showing signs of dependence? - learn more Question Mark
  • Gambling: Do I have a problem with gambling? - learn more Question Mark
  • Sexuality: Do I have a problem with hypersexuality? - learn more Question Mark
  • Spending: Am I a "shopaholic?" - learn more Question Mark
  • Eating: Do I have a food addiction? - learn more Question Mark


I'm concerned about my... coping

  • Life's hard: how can I cope with my unbearable situation - learn more Question Mark
  • Dementia: Am I getting Alzheimer's? - learn more Question Mark
  • Unusual experiences: Am I going crazy or could these experiences be transformative? - learn more Question Mark

I'm anxious

  1. I've been feeling anxious for a long time now
  2. I've been feeling worried, and found it hard to stop worrying
  3. I feel so worried that I have trouble doing my work or studies, or even visiting with family and friends
  4. I feel restless or on edge
  5. I get tired quite easily
  6. I can’t concentrate properly
  7. I feel irritable
  8. I've had some muscle pain (like a sore back, jaw, or neck)
  9. I've had trouble sleeping

Learn more about what you are experiencing

I frequently feel anxious

  1. I've been feeling anxious for a long time now
  2. I've been feeling worried, and found it hard to stop worrying
  3. I feel so worried that I have trouble doing my work or studies, or even visiting with family and friends
  4. I feel restless or on edge
  5. I get tired quite easily
  6. I can't concentrate properly
  7. I feel irritable
  8. I've had some muscle pain (like a sore back, jaw, or neck)
  9. I've had trouble sleeping

Learn more about what you are experiencing

Something traumatic happened and I feel stressed

  1. I experienced or saw something traumatic (which involved death, injury, torture, or abuse) over a month ago; I felt frightened and/or helpless in the situation
  2. I've had upsetting memories or dreams of an incident since it happened
  3. I feel stressed just trying to go about daily life; it’s been hard to work, study, or be with friends and family
  4. Now I avoid activities that remind me of the event
  5. I can't remember parts of the event
  6. I no longer feel like doing things I used to enjoy
  7. I no longer feel strong positive emotions, like love or excitement
  8. I don't really care about the future any more
  9. I've had trouble sleeping. I’ve had bad dreams or found it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep
  10. I've been irritable or angry a lot
  11. I feel like I'm always on guard now
  12. I am easily startled

Learn more about what you are experiencing

I feel panicky / I get panic attacks

  1. I sometimes feel intensely anxious and don't think that I can control the feelings
  2. I feel sweaty, shaky, or short of breath
  3. I have an increased heart rate
  4. I feel like I'm being choked
  5. I feel nauseous or have pain in my stomach
  6. I feel dizzy, lightheaded, or faint
  7. I feel numb or tingly
  8. I feel detached from my surroundings
  9. I get hot or cold flashes
  10. I am afraid I'm going crazy
  11. I'm afraid I'm dying
  12. I am afraid of feeling some of these sensations again
  13. I have changed my behaviour to avoid getting panicky/having panic attacks. For example, I don't exercise anymore
  14. I feel worried about the effects on my health of getting into a panic state

Learn more about what you are experiencing

I'm fearful of social or other situations or particular objects

  1. I have strong fears about social or performance situations where I might be criticised.
  2. I avoid social or performance situations – or endure them feeling really anxious and stressed
  3. I feel very nervous when faced with certain specific objects or situations (for example: flying in an airplane, being around spiders, or getting a medical shot)
  4. I avoid coming into situations where I might have to face the things I am afraid of (like flying to go on holiday or getting a medical check-up)
  5. My fears get in the way of my work, my studies, or my relationships
  6. I am distressed about these fears
  7. Others think my fears are unreasonable

Learn more about what you are experiencing

I feel compelled to do things to relieve my anxiety

  1. I repeatedly have thoughts and worries about things that aren't real (for example, thoughts that my family or I will be harmed, though I know there is no threat)
  2. I perform certain activities over and over again, in a precise way (for example, washing my hands, tidying my desk, or checking that doors and windows are locked)
  3. I feel less anxious after I do these things, but then soon need to repeat them
  4. I recognise that these thoughts and behaviours are not reasonable
  5. I take up more than an hour a day doing the repetitive activities, or doing them interferes with my normal routines (like work, study, or visiting with family or friends)

Learn more about what you are experiencing

My caregiving: Am I getting caregiver burnout?

  1. Lately I often feel exhausted, even upon waking after a good night's sleep
  2. I get sick more, and just can't seem to shake those colds, flu bugs, etc.
  3. I get frequent back pain, headaches, or muscle aches; other health problems may be worsening
  4. I have had changes in my sleep patterns, either finding it hard to sleep or sleeping too much
  5. I have trouble concentrating and sometimes overreact to minor nuisances
  6. I'm drinking or smoking more, and/or my eating patterns have changed (not eating enough, or eating too much)
  7. I experience a loss of enthusiasm and energy; I no longer feel motivated
  8. I feel anxious or depressed
  9. I have been feeling cynical, resentful, and negative
  10. I increasingly have the sense that I just don't want to talk to anyone today, even friends and family
  11. I have trouble relaxing, even when help is available to me
  12. Caring about my work or home life seems like a total waste of energy. I'm either too busy, or I just don't care, so I neglect my own needs
  13. Most of my day is spent on tasks which are either overwhelming or mind-numbingly dull
  14. I feel helpless and hopeless, trapped, with a loss of control
  15. I feel isolated, alone in the world; I have withdrawn from leisure activities I used to enjoy
  16. My life revolves around caregiving, but it gives me little satisfaction
  17. I feel nothing I do makes a difference or is appreciated
  18. I sometimes procrastinate, taking longer to get things done
  19. I feel irritable, and take my frustrations out on others, including the person I'm caring for
  20. I go about my duties with a routine, mechanical attitude; in fact I often feel that I don't even care anymore what happens to the person I have been caring for
  21. I have been neglecting my responsibilities
  22. Continuing to give care is too much; I feel like I want to end it all

Learn more about what you are experiencing

Domestic violence: Am I in an abusive relationship?

  1. I notice that my partner sometimes insults me or criticises me, calling me names, such as "stupid", "fat", or "ugly b**ch"; this even happens in front of others
  2. My partner is extremely jealous and possessive, getting upset when I spend time with my friends and family, and sometimes putting them down
  3. My partner won't take "no" for an answer. If s/he wants to have sex or wants me to go somewhere, s/he will coax, beg, and sulk – even start a fight -- until I say "yes"
  4. My partner sometimes requests that I skip school or work for a day so we can be together
  5. My partner came on strong at the beginning of our relationship, saying it was love at first sight. S/he was very romantic, and the feelings between us were really intense
  6. I've noticed a few times where my partner seems to blame others – especially me – for just about all his/her problems. I have been hearing more and more lately, "You made me mad"
  7. I feel like I'm walking on eggshells. My partner is hypersensitive, getting easily insulted and taking everything as a personal attack. Things often seem to be blown out of proportion
  8. I observed a few times when my partner seemed quite harsh with certain animals or with children; some of his/her expectations from the children seemed unrealistic
  9. In fact, his/her expectations of me, too, seem increasingly unrealistic. S/he seems to expect me to meet all needs and be "perfect". S/he has said things like, "If you love me, then I'm all you need"
  10. I used to think my partner's belief in traditional sex roles was cute. Now I'm concerned about the rigid belief that the man goes out and brings in the money; the woman stays home and does domestic things, waiting for the "master of the castle" to turn up
  11. I'm worried about my partner’s increasingly controlling behaviour, not only around money. S/he seems to want to make all the decisions concerning use of funds and has tried to keep me from having a credit card. S/he checks the odometer on the car and the call history on my phone. I've even been told how to dress, who I’m "allowed" to talk to, and where I'm "allowed" to go
  12. I sometimes feel fearful of my partner, and like I’m going crazy, as s/he is unpredictable. One moment there seems to be caring, and the next there are threats to break my neck
  13. I dread "discussions" with my partner, as even slight disagreements escalate into an hours-long row, in which I am called terrible names – or else s/he shuts down into an angry sulk
  14. I worry that I have come into relationship with a "Jekyll and Hyde" character. S/he is charming and sweet outside the home, and polite to authorities, but the minute we get home, s/he is angry and explosive. I don't even like the way s/he treats his/her parents
  15. Sometimes my partner does alcohol or drugs to excess, turning nasty, selfish, and rageful. When I suggest that s/he needs rehabilitation help, s/he explodes
  16. My partner has damaged walls in the house and personal objects of mine in fits of rage, and/or has pushed, shoved, or restrained me to prevent me leaving during arguments
  17. My partner has a history of having previously hit his/her partner; the explanation for how it happened seemed plausible. S/he said that the ex-partner had provoked the argument. Now, I'm not so sure I was getting the whole story
  18. My partner has hit me

Learn more about what you are experiencing

Family relationships: Do I come from a dysfunctional family?

  1. I do/did not sense empathy or sensitivity coming from members of my family, or else it is (was) unevenly distributed, with some members getting huge amounts of understanding and others getting almost none.
  2. It is (was) frequently unclear in my family what is (was) acceptable treatment and what is (was) inappropriate, both in terms of our behaviour toward one another and also coming from outside the family.
  3. Some members of my family have tolerated physical, emotional, or sexual abuse and/or have perpetrated it.
  4. I have experienced disrespect for myself and/or my boundaries in my family (say, by someone making physical contact that I dislike, breaking promises without reason, or deliberately violating a boundary I have set).
  5. I have witnessed denial of abusive or inappropriate behaviour in my family
  6. My family members either fight (fought) all the time, or else they do (did) not discuss things at all when they need(ed) to; there have been extremes in conflict
  7. Rules seem to have been enforced unequally in my family, with unfair treatment (based on birth order, gender, age, family role, or abilities) being the norm
  8. I am (was) sometimes controlled by family members who have been excessively controlling or jealous.
  9. I must keep anything happening (now or in the past) in my family a secret
  10. My parents fight (fought) a lot during their separation/divorce, or because of not being able to separate (say, for legal, religious, or cultural reasons)
  11. Some members of my family do (did) not speak to one another, or have disowned one another
  12. My parents have (had) unrealistic expectations of me, often criticising or ridiculing me
  13. I have always felt that I had to earn love in order to receive it; love has always felt conditional upon some performance
  14. My parents allow(ed) some emotions to be expressed, but not others (for example, happiness was ok, but anger was not, or perhaps sadness was not ok)
  15. My parents are (were) unforgiving, judgmental, shaming, belittling, and/or apathetic toward me
  16. My parents scapegoated me or my siblings, blaming one child for the misdeeds of another
  17. My parents were not often available to me, either emotionally or possibly physically
  18. My parents don't (didn't) listen to my side of the story, or to my opinion on things that are (were) important to me

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Drinking: Do I have a problem with alcohol?

  1. I noticed that lately I've been needing to drink more to get the same effects as before
  2. I drink more than intended, or am unable to limit how much I drink
  3. I sometimes experience blackouts, or don't remember conversations or commitments I made while drinking
  4. I try to hide the extent of my drinking
  5. I drink alone
  6. I experience withdrawal symptoms (such as nausea, sweating, or shaking) when I try to quit or significantly reduce the amount of alcohol I take in
  7. I sometimes set out to become intoxicated
  8. I gulp alcohol, ordering doubles, or I drink in order to feel "normal"
  9. I become irritable if no alcohol is available at normal drinking times
  10. I make a ritual of drinking times and feel irritated when the ritual is disturbed
  11. I hide alcohol around the house, at work, or in the car
  12. I drink alcohol before going to a party
  13. I am no longer interested in activities that used to bring pleasure (apart from alcohol)
  14. I continue to drink even though alcohol is causing problems in my life
  15. I neglect responsibilities because of alcohol
  16. I feel uncomfortable without access to alcohol
  17. I struggle to reduce alcohol intake
  18. I have legal, financial, or relationship problems as a result of drinking (Mayo Clinic, 2013)

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Use of drugs: Am I showing signs of dependence?

  1. I'm neglecting my responsibilities at school, work, or home (for instance, I might be skipping work, failing classes, or neglecting my children) because of my drug use
  2. I sometimes use drugs under dangerous conditions or take risks, such as driving while high, using dirty needles, or having unprotected sex
  3. I have had some legal troubles, such as being arrested for stealing (to support my habit), driving under the influence, or being disorderly
  4. My drug use is causing problems in my relationships: fights with my partner or family members, old friends dropping away, or my boss being unhappy with my performance
  5. I need more and more of the drug to experience the same effects I used to attain with smaller amounts
  6. If I go too long without drugs, I get symptoms such as nausea, restlessness, insomnia, depression, sweating, shaking, and anxiety, so I take drugs to relieve these symptoms
  7. I do more drugs, or more often, than I planned, even when I told myself that I wouldn't
  8. Sometimes I realise that I should stop using, but I feel powerless to do that
  9. My life now revolves around using. I spend a lot of time either using drugs, thinking about using, figuring out how to get the drugs, or recovering from the effect of the drugs
  10. I've abandoned activities that I used to enjoy, such as my hobbies, sports, and socialising with friends and family
  11. Even though it's hurting me and causing major problems in my life -- including blackouts, infections, mood swings, depression, paranoia, and more -- I keep using anyway (adapted from Robinson, Smith, & Saisan, 2013)

Learn more about what you are experiencing

Gambling: Do I have a problem with gambling?

  1. I have lost time from work or school because of gambling
  2. Gambling has made my home life unhappy
  3. Gambling has affected my reputation
  4. I have sometimes felt remorse after gambling
  5. I have gambled to get money to pay debts or solve other financial difficulties
  6. Gambling has caused me to be less efficient or ambitious
  7. After losing, I sometimes feel I must return as soon as possible to win back my losses
  8. After winning, I have often had a strong urge to return and win more
  9. I've sometimes gambled until my last dollar was gone
  10. I have occasionally borrowed money to finance my gambling
  11. I have sometimes sold things to finance gambling
  12. I am or have been reluctant to use "gambling money" for normal expenditures
  13. I have been careless of the welfare of myself or my family because of gambling
  14. I have occasionally gambled longer than I had planned to do
  15. I have sometimes gambled to escape worry, trouble, boredom, or loneliness
  16. I have committed or considered committing an illegal act to finance gambling
  17. Gambling has sometimes caused me to have difficulty sleeping
  18. Arguments, disappointments, and frustrations create an urge within me to gamble
  19. I have sometimes had the urge to celebrate good fortune by a few hours of gambling
  20. I have considered self-destruction or suicide as a result of my gambling (statements adapted from Gambling Addictions, 2009)

Learn more about what you are experiencing

Sexuality: Do I have a problem with hypersexuality?

  1. Over and over again, I do not resist the impulse to engage in acts of sex
  2. I often engage in sexual behaviours to a greater extent or over a longer period of time than I intended
  3. I have repeatedly tried and been unable to stop, reduce, or control sexual behaviours
  4. I spend an inordinate amount of time either obtaining sex, being sexual, or recovering from sexual experience
  5. I spend a lot of time thinking about or dealing with the sexual behaviour or the preparatory activities for it
  6. I frequently engage in sexual behaviour when I am supposed to fulfil job, school, domestic, or social duties
  7. I continue the sexual behaviours despite having a recurrent social, academic, financial, psychological, or physical problem that is caused or made worse by the behaviour
  8. I need to increase the intensity, frequency, number, or risk of behaviours to achieve the desired effect, or else if I continue behaviours at the same level, I have diminished effect
  9. I have given up or limited social, job, or recreational activities because of the sexual behaviour
  10. I feel anxious, distressed, restless, or even violent if I am unable to engage in the sexual behaviour; at times I even get into a rage (Carnes, Delmonico, & Griffin, 2001).

Learn more about what you are experiencing

Spending: Am I a "shopaholic?"

  1. I sometimes go on shopping sprees or spend money because I am feeling disappointed, angry, or scared
  2. I am sometimes upset after a shopping session, or when I am thinking about my spending habits
  3. Others have been upset by my spending
  4. I have had arguments with people close to me about my shopping or spending habits
  5. I sometimes feel lost or vulnerable going out without my credit cards
  6. I sometimes buy items on credit that I would not buy if I had to pay cash for them
  7. I often get a rush of euphoria, possibly mixed with anxiety, when I am spending money
  8. I feel guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, or confused after I have been shopping or spending money
  9. I have lied to others, especially those close to me, about purchases I made or how much money I spent
  10. I think about money a lot of the time
  11. I have had periods where I spent a lot of time juggling accounts or bills in order to accommodate my spending (American Psychiatric Association, n.d.)

Learn more about what you are experiencing

Eating: Do I have a food addiction?

  1. I am obsessed with thoughts about food and preoccupied with body weight
  2. I sometimes "comfort eat" to relieve stress or worry
  3. I eat more rapidly than normal, so I can eat more
  4. I eat alone or hide food in order to eat in secret due to shame and/or embarrassment
  5. I eat more than I intended to when I began and feel guilty
  6. I eat everything on my plate, even when I'm full
  7. I go on a food binge after dieting or trying to cut back
  8. I eat until I feel sick
  9. I feel anxious while eating, which makes me eat more
  10. I do not like to feel hunger
  11. I have a history of weight fluctuations and/or unsuccessful diets
  12. Over time, I have felt the need to eat more and more to get the desired emotional state
  13. I have difficulty moving around due to weight gain
  14. I have withdrawn from activities because of embarrassment about weight
  15. I have low self-esteem and (therefore) feel the need to eat greater and greater amounts
  16. I see food as something to be avoided, something harmful (All About Life Challenges, 2012)

Learn more about what you are experiencing

Life's hard: I'm wondering how to cope with my unbearable situation

  1. I feel overwhelmed with unreasonable demands made on me at work: possibly too many hours, too much output required, and/or too much responsibility without authority
  2. I feel stressed that my work is unsafe. Either the physical environment is potentially dangerous (such as for miners or the police), the emotional environment is toxic to my mental health, or I am vulnerable to lawsuits or other legal action arising from just doing my job (such as for health practitioners)
  3. I feel stressed by and sometimes inadequate to the ongoing demands for high-level performance relative to my sport, the music or on-stage entertaining I do, or my academic or other performance
  4. I feel shattered by the relentless and grinding reality of not having enough money to make life work: either through chronic unemployment or low wages combined with high expenses
  5. I feel deep grief, shame and worry about my long-term inability to secure work
  6. I am in profound grief over the loss of a significant relationship (either through death, divorce, or in some other way)
  7. I grieve because I have lost my home, status in work or life, or possessions
  8. I feel saddened, frustrated, and defeated by the failure of a project I undertook
  9. I am frustrated dealing in an ongoing way with an unbearable living situation. This could be due to physical hardship in my environment (like living in a poorly insulated home and/or with no heating), a fraught relational environment (such as a difficult flatmate or relative living in my space), or difficult environmental challenge (such as chronic pollution, constant threat of bush fire, or ongoing threat of being robbed or assaulted)
  10. I live with a chronic, debilitating illness or injury, and sometimes feel like I just can’t cope anymore; my resources for doing so are depleted
  11. I am overwhelmed with all the tasks and responsibilities I must juggle in my life; I feel drained
  12. I feel despairing that my life has no meaning or purpose; I don’t know why I am here
  13. I experience that every day is a bad day; caring about anything is too hard
  14. I must spend most of my day on either very dull or too-difficult, overwhelming tasks
  15. I despair that nothing I do is appreciated or seems to make a difference
  16. I am exhausted all the time, with no energy to even care for myself
  17. I feel stressed as a member of a family, work unit, or social group which is undergoing major transition (such as when single parents who have children marry each other and form a blended family, or when organisations undergo major restructuring)
  18. I am concerned about my ability to cope with another stressor that is not mentioned here

Learn more about what you are experiencing

Dementia: Am I getting Alzheimer's?

  1. I’m having memory loss that gets in the way of my life. I sometimes forget dates, events, or things I just learned. Sometimes I have to ask for the same information several times, or even get family members to help me
  2. I’m having some trouble with planning and problem-solving, like working with numbers, following recipes I’ve had for a long time, or keeping track of the bills
  3. I don’t concentrate as well as I used to, and feel like I take a much longer time to do things than before
  4. I sometimes find it hard to complete familiar tasks at home, at work, or when I’m relaxing. I may have had a few times when I’ve forgotten how to drive to places that I go to a lot
  5. I have forgotten the rules of a few games that I’ve always played
  6. I have had some trouble managing a budget at work or home
  7. I get confused about time or place. I lose track of dates, seasons, or the passage of time. It’s easier to understand things happening right now than things happening later on
  8. Sometimes I forget where I am or how I got there
  9. I’m having vision problems. I may have trouble reading, judging distances, or recognising what is in a picture. I may not recognise my own face in the mirror
  10. Words seem to be a problem for me, both spoken and written. I may have had trouble following a conversation, and I can’t always get the right word for things, so I may have called some things by the wrong name
  11. I seem to have misplaced some things, but find it hard to retrace my steps to find the things again. I may have put things into unusual places on occasion
  12. My partner thinks that I am not making good judgments about money, and is concerned about how many things I agree to buy things from, say, telemarketers
  13. I’m not as involved with things as I used to be. I have withdrawn from work, and don’t do as many social activities, hobbies, or sports as I used to. I don’t keep up with my favourite sports team anymore, and in fact, I’m worried that I may have forgotten how to do my favourite hobby. I may stay home from social activities because of worries about these changes
  14. My family tell me (or I notice) that I have changed. They say (or I notice) that I seem to be more anxious, fearful, depressed, or confused lately
  15. My family say I seem suspicious and that I get upset easily, especially if I’m away from home or something new is happening (adapted from, 2013; Better Health Channel, 2013)

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Unusual experiences: Am I going crazy or could these experiences be transformative?

  1. I have had powerful urges to express myself in different ways from my normal modes of expression: possibly through painting, sculpture, music, or writing
  2. I have had sudden strong impulses to offer my service to the world in a direct and different way, such as by joining an international charity to help, say, orphaned children or provide medical or other service to developing regions
  3. I have had vivid, realistic dreams or gone into altered states of consciousness during which profound insights were revealed to me
  4. I had an experience in which I seemed to leave my body and float freely, being able to see and hear things in areas kilometres from where my body was located
  5. I have had the sensation of powerful energies moving up my spine and through my body, and they seemed to cause intense sensations of heat, movement (such as shaking or spasms), and/or strong emotions such as joy, sadness, anxiety, or ecstasy
  6. I have had visions of brilliant light and/or memories of what seemed to be past lives; I was suddenly drawn to sing or speak in languages which I don’t normally know
  7. I have had the experience of somehow dissolving my personal boundaries and feeling like I was one with the entire universe; I lost my normal sense of time and space for a while
  8. I experienced a dramatic psychic opening, with an influx of information from non-ordinary sources, such as through precognition, telepathy, or clairvoyance; I didn’t have those abilities before this experience
  9. I experienced a psychic opening in which I seemed to have lost my own identity, taking on the identity of someone who spoke through me, offering insights and information to me and to people I know
  10. I found myself in another lifetime: in another body and relating to people from that lifetime
  11. I have had encounters with a non-earthly being – a sort of guide or mentor – who seems very wise and who is helping me through messages transmitted into my mind or via channelling
  12. I was pronounced medically dead or had a near-death experience; while unconscious I had many experiences of another world and came back to consciousness with a deeper sense of my life’s purpose
  13. I saw or otherwise encountered what appeared to be extraterrestrial beings or spacecraft
  14. I had a period of what appeared to be possession by another entity; afterward I may have experienced deep spiritual healing
  15. I have had other, very unusual experiences not named here, but which have caused me to wonder whether I am going crazy (adapted from Young Brown, M., 1983; Grof & Grof, 1989)

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